Vegan chocolate drink with marshmallows

Vegan Chocolate Drink – Hot or cold

Even though the cacao comes from a bean, most vegans say no thanks to cacao and chocolate products because milk is added.

We want to change this and, therefore, we have developed a vegan chocolate drink which, with its strong taste and natural flavour, can entice anyone –  even those cacao drinkers who keep to the traditional recipes.

Children as well as adults will have a taste experience that not only lives up to expectations, but can also be enjoyed with a clear conscience.

Something for every taste

Some people love their cacao milk cold, while others like it steaming hot. Regardless of what you like, you can use our vegan chocolate drink powder.

Of course, it tastes great with milk, but it is just as delicious with water or with one of the many plant based types of milk which more and more people prefer.

And if it needs an extra festive touch, a handful of mini marshmallows or whipped cream can always make the experience a little more delicious.

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Vegan chocolate drink

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