Matcha Latte served cold

The healthiest latte on the market

An abundance of antioxidants, iron and calcium have given matcha tea special status for years as a healthy, energising and de-stressing alternative to tea and coffee. In our Matcha Latte we have cherished all the good properties and the delicate flavour of the tea to make it easy for everyone to have a healthy and delicious experience.

Can be served both cold and hot

The flavour of matcha resembles green tea, but is rounder and not quite as bitter.

Milk protein is added to our Matcha Latte powder, which rounds off the nuances and depending on what you feel like and your mood, it can be served cold or hot, with water, ordinary milk, soy milk or one of the other many vegan milk alternatives.

We recommend using 2.5 tablespoons powder to 2 dl liquid if you would like a classic latte. This gives a full-bodied flavour and delicious sweetness. By using less powder, the flavour of the matcha comes more into the foreground, while the sweetness and the milk go more into the background.

Great in smoothies and cakes

In a smoothie, Matcha Latte will add both a fresh and sweet touch to the experience, which is good together with fruit as well as vegetables.

You can use Matcha Latte in other things than just beverages. Ice-cream, creams, cakes and bread are given a festive colour that attracts attention and curiosity. With its soft flavour, Matcha Latte powder matches most desserts and, basically, the sky is the limit.